WA State Permits

Washington State Permits & Registration


Out-of-Country Vessel mooring in Washington State for personal enjoyment must obtain a permanent identification document prior to their 61st day in Washington. The permit is valid for the life of the boat. Their permit must be kept on the boat while in Washington waters in a location that is visible at all times from the outside of the vessel. Their permit must be protected from the weather.

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Vessels that have a valid number under federal law in the state of principal use, may temporarily use Washington waters without obtaining Washington registration for 60 days in any twelve month period.

Registration must be completed before you operate your vessel. The state registration year is July 1 through June 30. When you register you may request the continued use of your Coast Guard registration number.
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Tax, Title and Registration of Boats – Washington State / Canadian Boats


. Licensing online through Washington WILD Internet Service
. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
. WA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife – Fishing & Shellfishing
Fishing licenses may be purchased at our Fuel Dock – cash basis only. Credit Cards are not accepted at this time.


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