Marina Rules and Regulations

revised March 2009

  1. Tenant shall not throw, deposit, discharge, pump or otherwise place any refuse, garbage, debris, oil, spirits, paint, sewage, flammable material or any other pollutants of any description upon the floats or water of the marina. Any governmental fines, including the cost of cleanup, resulting from the actions of the Tenant shall be the sole responsibility of the Tenant.  Oil is to be deposited in the oil waste container at the Service and Sales Building.  Waste oil is not to be placed in or beside the garbage dumpsters, or spilled in the marina waterways.  Docks shall be kept clean from grease, oil, spray paints or any other staining material.  Tenant shall be responsible for all clean-up costs.
  1. Tenant’s vessels, while inside the Marina or in the channel leading to the Marina beginning at the breakwater shall create no wake. Maximum speed in the Marina and channel is four knots or no wake, which ever occurs first.
  1. There shall be no barbecues, welding equipment, burning torches or any other open flame apparatus used within the marina, as prohibited by the Marina’s insurance company. Gas barbecues securely mounted within the boat are acceptable.
  1. There will be no fueling from portable containers within the marina.
  1. No part of any vessel may extend over the main walkways. All boats shall be moored in a safe and secure manner on cleats with strong mooring lines.  In the event the Marina deems the Tenant’s mooring lines to be unsafe, the Marina may replace said lines and the Tenant shall pay all costs.
  1. Chafing gear and dock boxes shall not be attached to the docks. Only dock boxes obtained from The Marina may be used.  Dock boxes are available for rent and are the property of the Marina.  There is no construction of any kind allowed on or to the docks.  The Marina reserves the right to remove, add, or adapt any existing construction, addition, or modification made to any portion of the docks, not limited to, but including dinghy racks, dock boxes, and stairs.
  1. Except for entering or leaving the slip, main engines, power generating equipment or other noisemaking equipment shall not be operated between the hours of 9 p.m. and 7 a.m.
  1. Water, electrical cords or mooring lines shall not be placed across the walkways. All electrical cords must be marine grade and have a plug with a watertight seal.  No gear of any kind shall be stored on the dock unless in an approved dock box.
  1. Tenant shall not prop the gate open for any reason. All guests must be accompanied by the Tenant.
  1. Tenants are required to display a parking pass. Passes are available in the office. The speed limit in parking areas is 10 mph.
  1. Dinghies, skiffs or tenders are to be stored in the water within the Tenant’s berth or on the Tenant’s vessel, unless otherwise approved by the Marina.
  1. If any vessel sinks within the marina, Tenant must immediately take action to remove the vessel. If Tenant fails to take immediate action, the Marina will do so and Tenant shall pay all costs incurred in such removal.
  1. Children under ten (10) years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times while on the Marina’s premises. Pets shall be leashed at all times when on Marina’s premises.  Pet owners must clean up after their animals and dispose of excrement in a proper container.
  1. Any Tenant desiring to hire a third party to perform work on Tenant’s vessel while at the Marina must secure the Marina’s prior approval before such third party (Outside Vendor) may perform any work. The Marina will at all times exercise control of third parties permitted to enter the Marina and in the case of Outside Vendors, the Marina must first approve the materials and methods, insurance coverage, licenses and willingness of the Outside Vendor to observe the Marina’s Rules and Regulations before permitting an Outside Vendor onto the Marina property to perform work.
  1. Any Outside Vendor permitted onto Marina property, whether or not pre-approved, shall not be construed as having any endorsement of the Marina for the work or services of such party nor shall the Marina be in any way responsible for the work done by any such party. Reliable Yacht Care is an independent business located at but not affiliated with the Marina.  This independent business is considered by the Marina to be a pre-approved Outside Vendor.
  1. Auxiliary motors on sailing vessels must be used within the Marina; sailing within the Marina is prohibited. Sailing vessels without auxiliary power must arrange for towing while within the Marina.
  1. Marina garbage and recycling cans are for vessel garbage only and not for household use. Cardboard must be broken down and placed in the breezeway near the office.
  1. Extended usage or “live aboard” situations must be approved by Marina management. Sewage shall not be discharged in the marina. Any extended use/stay approval is subject to mandatory disclosure by tenant that sewage has only been discharged at a sewage discharge station. This information must be recorded and submitted in writing at intervals determined by management. No substance or material whatsoever, including human waste, may be discharged into the water.  As live‑aboard Vessels raise concerns regarding water quality, all such Vessels shall be subject to periodic sanitation system inspections by the Marina.  Each Vessel will be equipped with a permanently installed Coast Guard‑approved marine sanitation device and the Marina shall have the right upon reasonable notice to inspect the interior of the Vessel to verify compliance with this condition.  Portable toilets are not considered installed devices and are unacceptable as a sewage treatment system.  Waste may only be discharged in an approved sewage disposal facility.  The Marina shall have the right to require the live‑aboard Tenant to demonstrate regular use of a sewage disposal facility.  Live‑aboard Tenant must select and utilize one of the following pump-out options: A.      Contract with an outside vendor and provide proof of pump‑outs to the Marina on a monthly basis. B.  Use the pump‑out at a fuel dock or other facility and supply proof of receipts to the Marina on a monthly basis.
  2. Alcohol can not be consumed outside in any public areas.  Alcohol must be confined to Tenant’s boat and the immediate dock area surrounding the boat.
  1. All docks and fingers piers must be kept clear at all times to permit easy access by emergency crews and their equipment. The Marina reserves the right to confiscate any items left on the docks and finger piers at any time and to dispose of these items immediately at the cost of the tenant.  Storage of any confiscated items will also be at the cost of the tenant.
  1. All moorage fees are non-refundable. Annual Tenants who sell their vessel may obtain a partial refund at the discretion of management.  At the discretion of management, Tenant’s moorage rate will revert to monthly moorage for the period of time between April 1st and the vessel’s date of sale rounded to the end of the month of the sale.  The Marina will not pro-rate any portion of the month in which the boat is sold.  Tenant must provide the Marina office with the bill of sale within 5 days of the date of sale to qualify for a refund.  The refunded portion shall consist of the difference between the tenant’s paid annual moorage and the monthly moorage as calculated under this Rule.
  1. The Marina Rules and Regulations summarized herein and as amended from time to time and all other policies and regulations established by governmental agencies or the Marina shall form a part of the Marina Rental Agreements as if set forth fully therein.
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