Gas Tax Refund

Gas Tax Refund for Boaters - Unleaded Gas Only

Does paying taxes give you gas? Point Roberts Marina Resort would like to help you get some of that money back!

If you’ve purchased gas for your boat, you’re entitled to a tax refund from the State of Washington. Of course you’ll have to jump through a few hoops to collect, but if you’re willing, this information should make it a bit easier to navigate the waters of the bureaucracy.

You must apply for a refund permit from the Washington State Department of Licensing. Call (360) 664-1838 for an application and full instructions.

In general, boaters may file refund claims monthly, quarterly, or annually. All claims must include the original invoice from the seller and a copy of the vessel registration. The invoice must include the name and address of the seller, the kind of fuel purchased, number of gallons and date of sale.

Although the fuel tax is 23 cents per gallon, your refund will be less. The State will charge local sales tax and one cent per gallon will be deducted for the Coastal Protection Fund. The net refund should be approximately 12 cents per gallon. Boaters who file need to maintain records to substantiate claims.



  1. You must have a minimum of 87 gallons of purchased fuel to file a claim.
  2. A claim form may be filed monthly, quarterly, annually or for whatever period of time desired, except that the claim must be filed NOT later than 13 months from date of marine fuel purchase. The DOL will use your postmark date to determine the eligibility of your claim.
  3. All claims must be filed through the end of a month. Do not overlap claims. The Claim Form must show the exact dates for which you are claiming the refund.
  4. You must attach the original (top copy) of each invoice issued by the seller of the fuel.
    Your refund will be processed within 30 business days of date claim received, if claim completed correctly. 1% interest will be added to your amount if refund not processed within that time frame.
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